Welcome Message to First Year 2020/2021 Students

I take this opportunity to welcome you and congratulate you for passing your Form Four examinations and gaining admission to study at The Technical University of Kenya. Earning a place in our prestigious Institution is a big achievement and a privilege that many have sought for without success. From the onset may I reaffirm to you that you made the right choice and we are delighted to have you here because we have an opportunity to nurture you into our future ambassadors. I can assure you that you will not only be educated and trained for the real world, but you will also enjoy your stay with us.

The Dean of Students office exists to support the holistic training of students by addressing the students’ welfare as they make their social, mental, physical and emotional adjustments from entry to graduation. We are constantly working towards promoting a conducive environment that supports the student’s welfare to enable him/her succeed in University education. In this regard we have developed policies and services that contribute to holistic development of the students.

In addition to the above, the office of the Dean of students oversees and coordinates activities of the Students life and Development, Students Governance and Leadership, Chaplaincy, Counselling, Students Careers Advisory Services, Student Accommodation and Catering, and Sports and Co-curricular activities. Besides, the office coordinates activities to access financial support through bursaries, scholarships and work-study programs to needy students to ensure and enhance both academic and non-academic wellbeing. Through these activities we are able to robustly engage with the students and build their capacities in preparation for the real world.

I encourage you to enroll and participate in the many activities that we have on offer and learn how to be the best in what you want to be because we have the best professionals in students support. They are trained and employed to make your studies here memorable.

Having said that, I need to add that University life unlike life in High School will often be a time for new found “freedom and independence”.  You will therefore find that you have a lot of free time at The Technical University of Kenya. Your freedom and independence will mean that there will be no one to check on you, you will be accountable to yourself.

It is an opportunity to discover who you are and what your passion is. Be sure to find your passion and pursue it with dedication and commitment. You must now take responsibility for your future and all that you do. University life is a time for learning and self-discovery. I urge you to associate and interact with other people from different cultural, social, ethnic and geographical backgrounds so as to experience and learn different views, ideas, beliefs and perspectives. This way you will enrich your educational experience through a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverseness and richness of the individual experience. This does not however mean that you should adopt for practice any improper experiences, ideas or practices.

As a word of caution on your new found “freedom and independence”, as young adults, you must now rely on your own wisdom and inner strength to guide you in navigating life and its pitfalls. As a university community, we are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, Drugs, Crime and it is young adults like you who are most affected by the vices. Please ensure that you are well informed about them and that your behavior protects you from the risk of contracting HIV and engaging in drugs and criminal activities. Don’t rush into or be pressured into any of the above. Your new found freedom and independence may also numb your senses of responsibility, of being assertive and of acting appropriately at all times. We urge you to desist from engaging in any criminal activity while also developing a heightened sense of crime awareness within the campus and at your residence. Cases of students being arrested for misdemeanors and criminal acts have been reported in the past and we urge you to make every effort to avoid such episodes.

You are now responsible for what you do, for ensuring that you do what is required of you. Make sure you attend your lectures, labs and tutorials, and that you do the assignments and read the material advised by your lecturers and tutors. In your new found “freedom and independence”, we expect you to be responsible in your words and actions while exercising responsible behavior at all times whether in campus or off campus.

Remember that in the course of exercising your freedom, you will be required to protect and respect others’ freedom. I urge you to exercise integrity and respect while engaging in critical and controversial issues. Any behavior contrary to what is stipulated in the Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct of Students, which you have signed, will attract correctional measures. From experience, disciplinary processes are usually laborious, time wasting and painful to students, their parents and guardians. Kindly refer to the guiding documents available on the university website or consult with our office whenever in doubt of anything.


The Dean of Students Office is located on the 4th floor of “L” Block adjacent to the Administration Block. You can reach us through: dean.students@tukenya.ac.ke

Thank you and once again welcome to the Technical University of Kenya.

Omondi Oketch, Ph.D.; MA; BE.d.

Associate Professor of Linguistics &

Dean of Students