TU-K Shines at the 2016 Kenya Music Festivals

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The 8th - 19th August 2016 were days of song, dance, music and elocution at the Kasarani Sport Complex where the Ministry of Education hosted the 2016 annual Kenya Music Festival. The festival, in its 90th year, was boosted by a Central Bank of Kenya sponsorship, the latter's way of celebrating 50th anniversary.
In the Universities category, TU-K emerged overall winners with a total of 13 first positions, 10 second positions and 6 third positions. The artistic highlight of the event was the extraordinary performance of the choir's accompanied mixed set piece where the impeccable tonal quality and expressive rendition of Z. Randall Stroope's Lamentations of Jeremiah gave them a 90% score, in First place. The festival highlight was the award of the University category's Central bank of Kenya Trophy for their rendition of the CBK Anthem, awarded 94% (highest mark in the University category), and the 200,000/= cash prize.
There were 9 vocal and instrumental solo classes in Western and African music performances, earning a number of merit certificates on top of the 1st and 2nd positions. The ensemble classes saw a trio and 2 quartets in a class of their own, and well-arranged instrumental ensembles.
This year, the 10 visiting Makerere students were part of the dance troupe, whose performance of three different dances earned 2nd position with excellent marks.
The choir presented these to the Vice Chancellor in the company of the DVC-ARS on Thursday 25th August at a joyous ceremony in the Conference Room, where the Department of Music and Performing Arts was lauded for and encouraged to continue using what they have to the best of their abilities.
The VC with the TU-K Choir and the trophies won at the 2016 Kenya Music Festival Competitions.