Nominations for the Office of the Chancellor by Stakeholders

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

THE Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) is a leading university of technology as the first technical public university in Kenya. TU-K offers education and training that focuses on application of technological knowledge and skills. The University also engages in research with emphasis on innovation that provides practical solutions to societal challenges.


The Senate of the Technical University of Kenya is seeking nominees for the Office of the Chancellor of the University by the University stakeholders. The following are therefore requested to make nominations for the position of Chancellor:-

  1. Former graduates of the Kenya Polytechnic, Kenya Polytechnic University College and the Technical University of Kenya;
  2. Current students of the Technical University of Kenya;
  3. Staff (both academic and administrative) of the Technical University of Kenya;
  4. Council members of the Technical University of Kenya; and
  5. Any other interested party.

Notably, those nominated shall be subjected to a review by the University Senate.

The role of the Chancellor of the University is stipulated by the Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012:-

  • to be the titular head of the university and shall, in the name of the University, confer degrees and grant diplomas, certificates and other awards of the University;
  • to give advice, from time-to-time, to the Council which the Chancellor considers necessary for the betterment of the University;

Noteworthy, the nominated candidates for this position should:-

  1. Be persons of high moral character and integrity in accordance with Chapter Six of the Constitution;
  2. Hold distinguished records from either the public or private sector;
  3. Be well versed with public affairs as well as promoting collaborations, partnerships and linkages at both local and international levels; and
  4. Be prepared to champion the vision and mission of the Technical University of Kenya that promotes technical higher education at a public university.

Tenure of Appointment:

The appointment to this position is for a period of five years, renewable by the appointing authority.


  • Each application by the proposer shall be accompanied by a detailed description of the nominee of not more than 300 words.
  • The nominations should be forwarded directly to the Vice-Chancellor as follows:-a. For hard copy letters, through the address below. THE REFERENCE NUMBER should be clearly quoted on the envelope and in the proposer’s cover letters. Orb. For soft copy letters, through the email address provided below.

The Vice-Chancellor | The Technical University of Kenya | P. O. Box 52428 - 00200, City Square, NAIROBI. | E-mail: