Give our graduates jobs, say engineers

Local engineers have accused the government of over dependence on Chinese technology to solve its infrastructural problems.The engineers said it is unfortunate for the government to rely heavily on foreign skills when brilliant local engineers are not given an opportunity to showcase their potential.

Speaking at Technical University of Kenya on Saturday where over 1,000 engineers had converged for a consultative meeting on the way forward of the engineering bill, vice chancellor Francis Aduol said over the years local technicians and technologists had been ignored by the government. “Our technicians and technologists have for years suffered employment at the mercies of a few individuals because they are not catered for anywhere in the current systems,” he said. Aduol said since Engineering Board of Kenya does not have a policy to recognise technicians and technologists the government has ended up spending more money seeking foreign engineers who are recognised by international bodies. “These Chinese engineers are mean and selfish. They come here with their own people own machines and everything,” he said.

He said the government does not involve its graduates in such projects to tap potential from such experiences. Aduol said after the completion of Thika Superhighway the Chinese are still in the country to maintain the road. “We are here to remind the government that homegrown technology will help us achieve Vision 2030. Let us borrow but also involve our people,” he said. Aduol said over 2,000 students graduate annually in engineering field but only a few land jobs. He said Kenya has suffered disasters like the recent cases of house collapsing because these engineers have to look for alternative ways to survive.

Aduol said most of them are not licensed to carry out the task because the existing bill does not recognize them. “This is why we are lobbying for the enactment of the engineering technologists and technicians Bill, 2015 which will provide a legal framework for the regulation, practice and standards of engineering technology personnel,” he said.

- Courtesy of The Star Newspaper