Engineers Board of Kenya seeks to set prices for Engineering services

The Engineers Board of Kenya is among the professional bodies that are pushing to set minimum prices for services offered in the industry. The engineer’s body has proposed setting up of a price floor for all engineering services arguing that this will ensure quality services, safety and welfare to the public.

This move however has been opposed by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) which is the body mandated to ensuring that there is a competitive market and ensuring consumer protection. Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has argued that fixing of the prices and fees will make services expensive and will also kill competition.
The EBK has however pushed for this by publishing a gazette notice inviting the public to give feedback on the proposed Engineers (Scale of fees for professional Engineering Services) Rules 2021. EBK Chief Executive Margaret Ogai has requested persons likely to be affected with the proposed rules to submit written comments and views. The public have also been encouraged to give comments about the rules which the EBK says will go a long way in preventing price undercutting in the industry.

Other professional bodies including ICPAK and Association of Kenya Reinsurers will be watching this move closely and may replicate the same if EBK’s move becomes successful. Previous attempts by the Association of Kenya Reinsurers attracted a fine of Ksh 721,000 to the professional body.

Source: Standard